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  • Special Issue "New Trends in Recycled Aggregate

    However, as the recycled aggregate is poor quality, it is not used for concrete, and the Korean government has strengthened the quality standards for recycled aggregate for concrete. In this study, research was conducted on the mechanical and durability characteristics of concrete using recycled aggregate, after developing equipment to improve the quality of recycled aggregate to increase the

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  • A Review Paper on use of Recycled Aggregates in Concrete

    decreased with increasing quantity of recycled aggregate. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) ISSN: 2278-0181 Published by, RTCEC - 2018 Conference Proceedings Volume 6, Issue 11 Special Issue - 2018 1. Concrete compressive strength mainly depends on the quality of recycled aggregate Parekh D. N. et al (2011)[4] studied the basic

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  • High Density Concrete Using Fly Ash, Micro Silica and

    International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT) – Volume 10 Number 1 - Apr 2014 Recycled concrete aggregate silica + 5% Recycled concrete aggregate Portable water silica + 10% Recycled concrete aggregate 10. Tests on Materials The various types of tests were conducted on cement, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate and the results are tabulated in table 4, table 5 and

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    Keywords: recycled aggregate concrete, construction and demolition waste, concre-te properties, research. 1. INTRODUCTION Recent floods, that struck our our country and the region, have caused widespread damage, among which damage to building structures is dominant. Society is not only faced with the problems of fin- ding solutions for the construction, reconstruction and repair of buildings

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  • Concrete with fine recycled aggregates: a

    Submit an article Journal homepage. 1,115 Views 94 CrossRef citations to date Altmetric Review Article Concrete with fine recycled aggregates: a review. L. Evangelista ISEL, Lisbon Polytechnic Institute, Lisbon, Portugal & J. de Brito DECivil-IST, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal Correspondence [email protected] Pages 129-172 Received 18 Jun 2013. Accepted 30 Sep 2013

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    Recycled aggregate concrete is in close proximity to normal concrete in terms of split tensile strength. The slump of recycled aggregate concrete is more than the normal concrete. At the end, it can be said that the RCA upto 50 % can be used for obtaining good quality concrete. MATERIALS International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Special Issue 3243. Concrete is a composite material

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  • Effects of Recycled Aggregate on Concrete Mix

    Journal of Engineering Research and Studies E-ISSN 0976-7916 JERS/Vol.II/ Issue I/January-March 2011/1-9 Review Article Similarly the properties of recycled aggregate concrete were also determined and explained here. Basic concrete properties like compressive strength, flexural strength, workability etc are explained here for different combinations of recycled aggregate with natural

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  • Recycled Concrete Aggregate - an overview |

    Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) is the designation used in BS 8500-2 for recycled aggregate principally comprising crushed concrete. Designations of recycled aggregate other than RCA are of lower quality and may contain significant quantities of masonry which would preclude or limit their use in structural concrete. This is largely due to the potential for higher proportions of the masonry

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  • Seismic Performance of Interior and Exterior

    Journal of Structural Engineering / Volume 145 Issue 3 - March 2019 . Seismic Performance of Interior and Exterior Beam–Column Joints in Recycled Aggregate Concrete Frames. Full Text HTML; Details; Figures; References; Related; Downloaded 871 times. Technical Papers. Seismic Performance of Interior and Exterior Beam–Column Joints in Recycled Aggregate Concrete Frames Bo Hu, Ph.D.; and

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  • Resistance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete (RAC)

    Recycled aggregates were widely used in the concrete industry as a replacement of natural aggregates in the last two decades. In this study, the resistance of concrete mixtures having various levels of recycled aggregate as a replacement of natural coarse aggregate to the attack of magnesium and sodium sulfates was investigated. Five mixtures made with 0%, 25%, 50%,

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  • Recycled Concrete Aggregates: A Review |

    29.03.2013· By collecting the used concrete and breaking it up, recycled concrete aggregate Flexural behavior of reinforced recycled concrete beams. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology,5(1), 43–61. Article Google Scholar Shayan, A., & Xu, A. (2003). Performance and properties of structural concrete made with recycled concrete aggregate. ACI Materials Journal,100(5),

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  • recycled aggregate ncrete journals

    Use of Recycled Aggregate Concrete IOSR Journals. Use of Recycled Aggregate Concrete million ton waste is produced from the construction waste sector, out of which only 3% waste is used for embankment. Out of the total construction demolition waste, 40% is of concrete, 30% ceramic‟s, 5% plastics, 10% wood, 5%metal, 10% other mixtures. read more. artificial fine aggregate used in concrete

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  • Sustainable Construction: Use of Recycled

    Sustainable Construction: Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate: Proceedings of the International Symposium organised by the Concrete Technology Unit, University of Dundee and held at the Department of Trade and Industry Conference Centre, London, UK on 11 – 12 November 1998

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  • Effect of recycled coarse aggregate on - SAGE

    16.10.2020· Knaack, AM, Kurama, YC (2014) Behavior of reinforced concrete beams with recycled concrete coarse aggregates. Journal of Structural Engineering 141(3): B4014009. Google Scholar. Lau, TL, Elleithy, W, Choong, WK, et al. (2014) Effects of recycled aggregates on concrete strengths. Materials Research Innovations 18(6): S6 – S372. Google Scholar. Lei, B, Li, W, Luo, Z, et al. (2020)

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  • Recycled Concrete Aggregates: Its Properties &

    Recycled concrete aggregate as such, holds original aggregate with hydrated cement paste. Hence first, that demolished concrete is cleaned from dirt and other loose particles. After that, it is broken into smaller pieces to produce aggregate known as recycled concrete aggregate. Recycled concrete aggregates are available in size of 20mm to 50mm. Recycled concrete aggregate is also referred to

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  • Hemp and Recycled Aggregate Concrete -

    Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) is obtained by breaking the lumps of old or demolished concrete works and extracting the coarse aggregates. One of the major reasons to use RCA in structural concrete is to have more environmentally friendly construction [4].The use of RCA on a large scale may help to reduce the effects of the construction on the environment by reusing waste materials and

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  • Indian Concrete Journal

    Performances and applications of recycled aggregate concrete components in Chinese Mainland Yuxi Zhao, Weilai Zeng, Hongru Zhang View Abstract ; Detailed assessment of the technical properties of recycled aggregates from mixed C&D waste Christian J. Engelsen, Sandeep K. Malhotra, Gaurav Bhatiani, Kshemendra Nath P. View Abstract ; A study on the use of construction and demolition

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  • Effect of recycled concrete aggregates on strength and

    Effect of recycled concrete aggregates on strength and stiffness gain of concrete and on bond strength of steel prestressing strand Michael R. Brandes and Yahya C. Kurama. 88 | MarchApril 018 the ability for precast concrete plants to recycle their own discarded or rejected materials into new concrete would not only reduce the demand for natural coarse aggregates but also eliminate

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  • Effect of Parent Concrete on the Performance of

    Recycling concrete construction waste is a promising way towards sustainable construction. Indeed, replacing natural aggregates with recycled aggregates obtained from concrete waste lowers the environmental impact of concrete constructions and improves natural resource conservation. This paper reports on an experimental study on mechanical and durability properties of concretes casted with

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  • International Journal of Concrete Structures and

    Strength and Durability Evaluation of Recycled Aggregate Concrete. Authors: Sherif Yehia, Kareem Helal, Anaam Abusharkh, Amani Zaher and Hiba Istaitiyeh. Content type: OriginalPaper. 14 May 2015. Recycled Concrete Aggregates: A Review . Authors: Katrina McNeil and Thomas H.-K. Kang. Content type: Article. 29 March 2013. Effect of Metakaolin Content on the Properties of High Strength Concrete

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